Midwifery Assistant Course

A 6 month course to introduce you to midwifery in Iowa and what it takes to assist a homebirth midwife. Classes will meet monthly, with additional workshops and meetings.

2023 dates TBA soon!
Jan 7, 10 - 2, Class One: Introduction to Midwifery in Iowa; Iowa law; Informed Disclosure; Types of Midwives; NARM; MANA; Past and Present Mentors
Feb 4, 10 - 2 Class Two: Basic Prenatal Skills; Handwashing:  BP; Equipment; Standard tests 
March 4, 10 -2 Class Three: Your Birth Bag; Birth Etiquette: Birth Charting; Cervical Exams
May 6, Iowa Midwives Association meeting Wilton
July 1, 10 -2 Class Four: Emergencies and Transport 
Aug 5, 10 -2 Class Five: Breastfeeding; Postpartum 
Sept 2, 10 - 2 Class Six: Your Midwifery

CPR for Midwives certification date TBA

Future  Additional classes might include: Homeopathy; Bach Flower Remedies; Childbirth Education: Massage........

You must be CPR certified to complete the course. I'll see if I can arrange that for the group.

Each class will have a vegetarian potluck lunch and a film.

Each month you will:  
read the assigned text and do the worksheets in your workbook
read a related book and write a synopsis to share
practice the month's skills

Reading list and required text here  

Location: The first class will take place in my home. Children are welcome to attend if they are well behaved. If the children are too disruptive to my home or the learning process I will change the policy to nursing babies only. Also, I may move the classes to the Wilton Community Center. If this change occurs prices may go up slightly. 

DISCLOSURE: I am not a nurse or doctor. I will not be making you my apprentice. However, you will have an introduction to homebirth midwifery in Iowa and meet other interested women. 

This course does not YET qualify for MEAC or DONA CEUs, but I am looking into it.

Also, expect cussing, wine and witchcraft.

Price: $500.00 (includes 6 classes and CPR class)